The influence of presowing treatment on the content of lipid oxidation products, vitamins and the activity of antioxidant enzymes in winter rye grain


  • Anton Kurylenko Nizhyn Gogol State University
  • Olena Kuchmenko Nizhyn Gogol State University



winter rye, presowing treatment, vitamin E, ubiquinone-10, peraoxybenzoic acid, methionine, MgSO4, vitamins, antioxidant enzymes, lipid oxidation products


Winter rye is a promising crop for the Polissya region of Ukraine, so the search for and development of effective and safe approaches to stimulate the growth and development of this crop is relevant. The material of the study was the seeds of winter rye (Secale cereale L.) varieties Synthetic 38 and Zabava, and compositions of metabolically active substances: vitamin E (10 -8 M), peraoxybenzoic acid (POBA) (0,001%), methionine (0,001%), ubiquinone-10 (10 -8 M) and MgSO4 (0,001%), which were used in the following compositions – vitamin E+POBA+methionine, vitamin E+POBA+methionine+MgSO4 , vitamin E+ubiquinone-10. For the first time, presowing treatment of seeds with the studied compositions was performed and research was carried out on the content of products of free radical oxidation of lipids, antioxidant vitamins, and activity of antioxidant enzymes in the grain of winter rye varieties Syntetyk 38 and Zabava. The effectiveness of vitamin E+POBA+methionine+MgSO4 and vitamin E+ubiquinone-10 compositions in increasing the content of low-molecular-weight antioxidant vitamins (ascorbic acid and carotenoids), reducing the activity of antioxidant enzymes (catalase and ascorbate peroxidase) and the content of lipid free radical oxidation products was demonstrated in winter rye grains of the Sintetyk 38 and Zabava varieties. The vitamin E+POBA+methionine+MgSO4 composition demonstrated the most effectiveness in this regard. The demonstrated increase in the content of antioxidants in winter rye grain can increase the nutritional value of products made from this grain. In addition, the demonstrated changes in the activity of the components of the pro- and antioxidant systems may indicate that the grain is more deeply in a state of rest after presowing seed treatment with the studied compositions.


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