Productivity of varieties of blueberry tall (V. X covilleanum) in different winter greenhouses


  • Mykhailo Shevchuk Lesya Ukrainka Eastern European National University
  • Iryna Ostapchuk Lesya Ukrainka Eastern European National University



varieties, berries, blueberry tall, developmental stages, yield, quality


Among berry crops in recent years, the area of cultivation of blueberry has grown significantly, which is facilitated by the soil and climatic conditions of the northwestern region of Ukraine, and high prices (120-140 at wholesale and 180-240 UAH / kg at retail). The expansion of blueberry areas is facilitated by the increase in the production of planting material, which is mainly grown in Ukraine by biotechnological methods and at a price much lower (55-65 UAH) than when purchased abroad (75-120 UAH).
The advanced experience of foreign producers in growing blueberries in open soil, adapted to the conditions of Ukraine, allows you to receive up to 7-8 kg of berries from the bush, which provides at least 70-85 UAH of net profit for each kilogram of sales.
A significant reserve of early berry production is growing blueberries in spring greenhouses, when the harvest of early varieties of berries is replenished with it from the third decade of May, and the cost increases to 200-250 UAH per kilogram.
Scientific studies point to the possibility of growing blueberries in winter greenhouses, which makes it possible to accelerate the flow of berries to the food market in the second half of May.
In order to study the efficiency of cultivation of blueberry varieties of different ripeness groups in winter greenhouses, studies were conducted on their adaptation, productivity and quality of berries. As a result of researches dynamics of passing of the basic physiological phases of growth and development of varieties of blueberry, their yield and some qualitative indicators have been studied.
The results of the studies indicate that cultivation of high early early maturity blueberry varieties is advisable in winter greenhouses.


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