The current state of tree nurseries in the Volyn region




nursery, planting material, range, area, state and private enterprises


Tree and shrub saplings are the backbone of many terrestrial ecosystems and are a critical factor and investment in implementing global forest and landscape restoration programs. Natural regeneration satisfies only part of this need, so a large amount of high quality planting material from various types of nurseries is required.
The article analyzes the features of the location of state (forest) and private nurseries in the Volyn region, as well as their area. The range of main tree nurseries is characterized and systematized. It was established that the total area of permanent state forest nurseries is 58,4 ha, and the largest nursery is located on the territory of the State Enterprise «Ratnivske lisomyslyvske hospodarstvo» – 36 ha. The most represented range of tree species in the State Enterprise «Volynsʹkyy Lisovyy Selektsiyno-Nasinnyevyy Tsentr», which includes 27 families, 44 genera and 67 species. Among private nurseries, the largest range and area (over 100 hectares) was characterized by the nursery «Klioma Servis». The number of represented taxa is 468, of which 344 are fruit species. Leading positions in the production of ornamental woody plants are «Smaragd NV» and «Lili-Line» (Sad-Gorod).
Conclusions on the current state are made and recommendations for ways to improve and develop tree nurseries in the Volyn region are given.


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