Influence of laser irradiation on the accumulation of biomass and exopolysaccharides of the Schizophyllum commune Fr.


  • Kateryna Reshetnyk Vasyl' Stus Donetsk National University
  • Yuriy Prysedsky Vasyl' Stus Donetsk National University



Schizophyllum commune, schizophilan, surface cultivation, photoactivation


The influence of laser irradiation on the accumulation of biomass and exopolysaccharides of some strains of S. commune has been studied. To obtain the inoculum of mycelium of strains S.c.-03, S.c.-01, and S.c.-02 of S.commune was cultured on agar glucose-peptone medium. In the study of the effect of laser irradiation of the mycelium in a surface culture used glucose-peptone liquid nutrient medium. The number of exopolysaccharides was determined by the phenol-sulfur method. The most efficient in terms of biomass accumulation and productivity of exopolysaccharide synthesis was the strain S.c.-03 of S.commune – under the action of laser irradiation of mycelium with red light (wavelength 635 nm) mycelium biomass increased by 75.3% and the number of exopolysaccharides increased by 70%.


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