Histologic Features of Rat Gastrocnemius Muscle Under Conditions of Experimental Ischemia of Different Duration Complicated by Chronic Alcoholization





gastrocnemius muscle, ischemia, chronic alcoholization, pathomorphological changes, muscle fibers, endomysium, sarcolema


The purpose of the study was the histological changes analysis in the gastrocnemius muscle under the conditions of experimental ischemia of different duration complicated by chronic alcoholization. The experiment was conducted on inbred Wistar line rats with 140 – 160 g body weight. The animals were divided into four groups: control; animals with ischemia (1, 2 and 3 hours ischemia duration); alcoholized animals and alcoholized animals with experimentally induced 1, 2, 3 hours ischemia. Chronic alcohol intoxication of the animals was achieved by intragastric delivery of 40 % ethyl alcohol for 30 days. Unilateral vascular ischemia was induced by tourniquet ligating of the main arteries. Histologic processing of the tissue was carried out according to standard histological methods, stained with Van Gison method. Morphometric indices (thickness of muscle fibers and the size of interfibrillary space) were measured using VideoTest Morphology 5,0 software. It was found that the level of expression of morphological changes directly depends on the duration of ischemia. With its increase, destructive changes of the gastrocnemius muscle become more evident: invaginations on the sarcolmes of fibers are more clearly visible, myofibrils are disorganized, the amount of collagen increases and the scar formation starts. After three-hour ishemia the cytological signs of necrosis are observed, but in many areas the typical cross-striped and the normal structure of muscle fibers was preserved. Under the conditions of chronic alcoholization and ischemia of different duration, the structure and course of partially atrophied after alcoholic myopathy fibers are broken, degenerative changes in the integrity of sarcolemes are observed, some fibers decrease the volume of myofibrils, there endomysium swells and its necrosis starts, myofibrils dissociate. The presence of neutrophils between myofibrils and diffuse hemorrhage has been observed, nevertheless, in some sites a typical cross-striped structure was preserved. The obtained results show the negative synergy of myotoxic effects of ethyl alcohol and the destructive effects of vascular ischemia on fibers of rat m. gastrocnemius.


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