Description of Invasive Ability of Dendrosozoekzotic Plants in Ukrainian Polissya


  • Anna Savoskina National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine



Ukrainian Polissya, dendrosozoekzots (dendrosozoekzotic plants), protected area, phytoinvasions


In this article assessed the results and progress of the introduction of dendrosozoekzots in the objects of the protected area Ukrainian Polissya. It was found that some species (Aesculus hippocastanum L., Juglans regia L., Quercus rubra L., Robinia pseudoacacia L., Sibiraea altaensis (Laxm.) Schneid., Prunus cocomilia Ten., Etc.) successfully passed the process of acclimatization and began to exhibit invasive properties in the conditions of different types of environmental protection and balanced use of nature. During field research in protected area of the Ukrainian Polissya, we note the process of the so-called «reformatting» of the species composition of both natural and other plant groups due to the spread of invaluable, sometimes invasive species. Such species can spread rapidly through seed reproduction. Without science control of their distribution is, therefore they are able to form stable sometimes «wild» groups. The rapid growth of the aboveground vegetative mass, high generative productivity and allelopathic properties lead to the displacement of not only less competitive wood species, but also species of herbaceous plants and their groupings.



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Savoskina, A. (2017). Description of Invasive Ability of Dendrosozoekzotic Plants in Ukrainian Polissya. Notes in Current Biology, (13(362), 44–50.